Hino 700 2848 Truck Tractor DSC 3.9 Air (AMT)

Hino 700 Series

ModelHino 700 2848 Truck Tractor DSC 3.9 Air (AMT)
PriceR1 791 620
ConfigurationTruck Tractor
EngineE13C - VB
Engine Capacity (cm3)12913
AspirationTurbo Intercooled
Power Output (kW)353 @ 1800
Torque (Nm)2157 @ 1,100
Fuel Tank Capacity (l)390 & 450
GVM (kg)28300
GCM (kg)65000
Tare Weight (kg)8751
Body and Payload (kg)65000
Wheelbase (mm)3855
Front Axle Rating (kg)7500
Rear Axle(s) Rating (kg)21000
Transmission16 Spd Manual
Break TypeFull Air
ApplicationsLong haul distribution

The Hino 700 2848 Tractor Trailer DSC 3.9 Air (AMT) is the flagship in the Hino range. With power of up to 480hp and a raised roof cab with double sleeper bunks this is a long haul truck.

Available in steel and air suspension with an option of either a 3.9 or 4.5 diff ratio.

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